Coming to a university level education is a big step, whether you are new to join leaving the university or college,but with an array of facilities and resources available to support your studies. The GIST can help bridge this gap. We offer a full range of courses in Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering giving you the practical skills needed by today's employers. We are also investing heavily in your future. We will make sure that you have the best facilities in the country higher education.
GIST is a great place to learn. In our history we have developed an outstanding academic traditions helped by caring and dedicated teachers committed students and supported parents. PGS and GIST are the nationally renowned institutions which attract the students and the staff from all parts of the country for it's quality teaching and practical aptitude. Our size enables all small and large departments to be sustained in all the major subject areas and we are able to offer a wide range of courses provided by the concerned educational department and Universities to whom we are affiliated.
The best way to find out what PGS and GIST are really like is to visit. I believe that PGS and GIST with all it's facilities is of the finest place to study as we are truly committed to provide the skill you need to achieve success and develop self-confidence.
I wish you every success in your future studies.

Prof. S.M. Ali Rizvi
Contact No: +92-333-9143350