About GIST

PGS stands for Peshawar Grammar School as it is the seed of Gandhara Institute of Science and Technology. The institute took start with it’s kid’s campus during early nineties and then gradually it has been upgraded to college level. The PGS engineering college is affiliated with the University Of engineering and technology Peshawar.This college is established by the great efforts and enthusiasm of the founder/owner and the dedicated staff.

GIST Engineering College which started fledgling institute has now come of age and has emerged as one of the most prestigious professional of Peshawar. This status of excellence has not been achieved merely by chance but a team of dedicated professionals have worked diligently and painstakingly to evolve a progressive teaching methodology and curriculum for the institution. GIST stands today as role model and trendsetter in the field of progressive education and developing balanced curriculum. The system which focuses on the new concept of activities based learning which provided our student an extra advantage over all other students.
This new concept makes the understanding of course of easier while we look back with a sense of satisfaction, on the achievements and contribution that GIST has made in the field of progressive education, our resolve gets strengthened as we continue working towards attaining the highest standard of educational excellence. We have a vision, a dream and an ambition to keep up with the tradition of being a leader in the latest teaching methodologies and making the name of GIST synonymous with high quality education in private sector. At present about 75 teachers and 20 ministerial staff are putting their efforts to build the career of about 800 students of GIST by adopting modern techniques of education.

GIST Engineering College is affiliated with the NWFP University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar and is accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council, Islamabad. According to the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) rules the re-accreditation is required every year after having the first accreditation by PEC Islamabad depends upon the satisfactory reports of the visitation team, therefore, it is very difficult for the management to commit any surety for Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) accreditation and as such there is no commitment for PEC accreditation. However full efforts are to be made by providing all prerequisites for PEC accreditation every year to get it through positively.